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Become a Foster Parent

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Foster parents, also known as "traditional foster parents" or "Bridge Resource Parents", provide care to children in OKDHS custody. There are thousands of children in care that are in need of stable, loving families

Wesleyan Youth, Inc. recognizes and appreciates that families come in all shapes and sizes and welcome any family type.

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Wesleyan strives to provide the required training in a manner that fits the needs of each prospective foster parent. For this reason, online, group and one-on-one training is available.


Know the benefits you will received when you become a Wesleyan foster parent



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Wesleyan Youth aims to form foster families and provide safe homes for these youth.  All our foster parents will be part of a team with OKDHS, agency staff, and other professionals involved in order to create the best possible future for our foster youth. These children, in search of foster homes, range in age from birth to over the age of 18, and each has a unique story and set of needs to be satisfied.


With the help of agency staff, foster parents identify the children they feel they can best provide care for, and great efforts are made to match a child to the family's strengths and preferences. All placements are made very carefully, and with the intent to ensure the whole family remains stable and safe.



Wesleyan Youth, Inc. recognizes and appreciates that families come in all shapes and sizes and welcome any family type as long as they meet the following requirements:


  • Must be at least 21 years of age

  • Able to provide for own financial needs

  • Able to pass background checks including but not limited to criminal, child welfare and public safety

  • Stable physical, emotional and mental health.

  • Home environment must be safe and adequate in size to accommodate additional children

  • Completion of all mandated training

  • Participation in a complete family assessment (home study)

  • Submission of all required documentation and paperwork

Willingness to comply with all OKDHS policies

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One-on-one training is often provided in the home and in coordination with the family’s schedule.


Orientation to the Agency - Includes agency information, as well as general information about foster care and OKDHS. Also includes a review of policies and procedures.

Guiding Principles Training - Mandatory study of "Guiding Principles for Oklahoma Bridge Resource Families". This is a 27 hour pre-service curriculum, and must be completed to become an OKDHS Bridge resource family.


Ongoing Foster Parent Training – WYI provides yearly ongoing training required by OKDHS. Individual, group and home-study opportunities are provided.



In addition to continuous support & encouragement, Wesleyan foster parents receive:


  • Paid respite and we will also arrange respite care for our parents

  • Placement stipend for each child placed in your home

  • Access to our resource room, which includes: clothing, toys, car seats, and other child related items

  • Connection to other Wesleyan parents

  • Free ongoing training (available in your home or in a group)

  • Online training

  • Support meetings, including parent lunches

  • Assistance in completion and submission of documents, such as mileage claims

  • 24/7 emergency/crisis response

  • Referral bonus and Christmas bonus

  • Advocacy for foster parents and youth

  • Special events

  • Paid yearly medical exams that are required for each foster parent

  • New parents will receive a new foster parent bonus

  • Taking teens and sibling groups of 3 or more receive additional bonuses

  • Existing Wesleyan families receive a referral bonus.

  • New families receive a sign on bonus once they take placement after 60 days.

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Family with Tablet

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